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Starting on October 1, 2020, Snowball Media & Advertising is offering Jamaican small businesses a quick and easy way to get their business online quickly during the COVID‑19 crisis with free website hosting for one year along with our free website builder.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, which has crippled the global economy and has left a lot of us in a difficult place, Snowball Media & Advertising wants to help out Small Businesses within Jamaica as much as possible. One of the best ways we feel that we can do this is to offer free hosting for one year for any businesses that need help getting online.
"This small gesture of offering a year of free web hosting for small businesses in Jamaica is something my daughter and I wanted to offer to assist companies where cash flow is a very big issue. It is a very small gesture but, we hope it will help ease some of the burden these businesses owners face" - Collin Snowball, Founder.

In addition to the free web hosting, we will be providing expert guidance and complete support to get everyone started and hopefully, this gesture will help with dealing with the financial stress business owners are feeling.

We hope that during these hard times that our services provide some tangible relief and help to alleviate some stress during unprecedented times. Bringing your business online is the next evolution in conquering international markets. Big Host Web Hosting will support you in your business endeavours. Thank you!


*Free web hosting offers provide a discount of $135/year for one year (“promotional period”) when you publish a website with Snowball Media & Advertising. Publishing and keeping active a website means: (A) creating and publishing a website on our servers and (B) keeping that website published and active for the remainder of the promotional period (the “publication and activity requirement”).

Snowball Media & Advertising will determine what meets the publication and activity requirements. If you fail to meet and maintain the publication and activity requirement, then your discount will not be renewed and your service will be terminated. After the discount ends,

Snowball Media & Advertising will automatically bill you for continued use of our hosting service at a 30% discounted rate. You may choose not to renew your by emailing Redemption of this offer requires: meeting and maintaining the publish and activity requirement. Valid credit card or debit card required for domain registration and continued eligibility. Prepaid cards prohibited. Limit of one offer redemption per household (including, but not limited to, limited to one account, email address, physical address, phone number, and payment method).

If you have failed to comply with the Snowball Media & Advertising Terms of Use, you are not eligible for this offer. No other discounts apply to this offer. At all times, you shall be responsible for paying for the cost of any other plans or add-ons, including, but not limited to, fees associated with email marketing, automation, ads, and extra bandwidth.
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We currently bill in only Canadian currency. Your website must remain hosted on the root domain through Snowball Media & Advertising to remain eligible for the free web hosting offer. Snowball Media & Advertising may withdraw this offer at any time, at its sole discretion. Snowball Media & advertising may also modify or change these terms and its fees and pricing structure at any time, in which case, only the discounts stated in this offer shall apply and you shall be responsible for paying any price difference. To get started please email

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